Important willwriting questions

The field of willwriting is too large for us to be able to adequately cover all the questions you may have, so we have chosen those which we feel best answer common questions.  Naturally there will be some areas of willwriting that you may not have considered, or were not aware that you needed to consider.  To that end we have compiled a short list of areas that may be worth you giving some thought to.  As with all advice on the Ipswich Willwriter website this list should not be considered as complete, and we would always advise you seek professional advice to answer any willwriting questions you may have.

  • Who should your will provide for?
  • How will you manage lasting powers of attorney?
  • How do lasting powers of attorney relate to health and welfare provision?
  • Who will apply for and manage the grant of probate?
  • Have you considered whether your will should outline which medical treaments you may wish to refuse if you are unable to voice your opinion at the time?
  • If you own a business what will happen to it if you die?
  • How can pilot trusts help very young children or your grandchildren?
  • If you are not married to your partner have you considerd a ‘declaration of trust’?
  • Where will your will be stored and by whom?
  • Who can I use as a witness to my will?