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Why you should hire an Ipswich willwriter, a reminder

Taking the time to make a will is the only way you can ensure that your wishes are correctly carried out once you have passed away.  Those people who do not write a will have their property (estate) dealt with by the UK Government according to the laws of ‘Intestacy’.  The law of the land as laid out in the Intestacy laws may not share your opinion of what you wish to happen to your money and possessions.

If you are married and die without a will you cannot assume that your estate will automatically pass to your widow or widower.  If you are living with your partner but are not legally wed then your partner might get nothing if you die.

Do you have children under the age of eighteen?  If so then writing a will can help decide who will look after them should you no longer be around; without a will the courts will decide who will care for your children in the event of your death.