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Ipswich Willwriters – why does this website exist?

Willwriting can be a daunting prospect, which is perhaps why an estimated 60% of the British public don’t have a will? Maybe we find the prospect of thinking about our own demise too miserable, and avoid it by somehow never getting around to making plans for what should be done with our possessions once we’re gone?

The willwriting world also appears to be chock-full of confusing legal mumbo-jumbo, and the prospect of digesting and interpreting reams of ancient law is more likely to have us reaching for a gin and tonic than for the phone number of a professional willwriter.

Willwriting doesn’t have to be either bewildering or depressing!

In the hands of a qualified willwriting making plans for events that we won’t be around to witness (or maybe enjoy!) doesn’t have to be a miserable experience.  Any good willwriter will do their utmost to help you see through the legislation and will nurture and empower you to ensure that should the worst happen then the very best can happen for your loved ones.

That’s why we build the Ipswich Willwriters website – we want all our friends and neighbours here in Ipswich to understand the importance of making a will, without finding the experience of actually recording their last will and testimony at all stressful or depressing.

We don’t provide any willwriting services ourselves, but through our professional lives (and through writing and researching this website) we have made some good contacts with Ipswich and Suffolk-based professional willwriters.  If you have read the information on our website and would like to speak to a qualified willwriter in the Ipswich area please get in touch and we’ll happily put you in touch with one of our trusted contacts.

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